Museums in Accra

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With a deep culture and colonial past, Accra museums provide an insight into the story of past and present day Ghanaians. Though the options here are limited, visitors to Accra can enjoy the history and culture exchange provided by museums at a couple locations throughout the city. Here are the top museums in Accra:

National Museum of Ghana

Established in 1957, this is one of the oldest museums on Ghana. Containing some intriguing exhibits that showcase the many chapters of Ghanaian history, the exhibits here range from archaeological discoveries dating back to pre-historic times to colonial antiquities to modern African art. There is also an interesting permanent exhibit that features indigenous musical instruments, pottery and Ashanti gold weights - historically used to determine the cost of goods. In addition to Ghanaian artifacts, the National Museum also features relics from other African countries. There are also numerous temporary exhibits here that change regularly.

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

This park, dedicated to the country’s founding father, features a small museum that provides a nice and comprehensive overview of the contemporary leader of Ghana. Complete with many personal items and photos, this museum is on the way to the National Museum and a must-see for history buffs. The entire museum can be seen in less than an hour, and you should take the time to walk the grounds outside as well, as the fountains and ample green space are a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

W.E.B. Du Bois Center Memorial Centre for Pan African Culture

Visit this final resting place of the American-born icon for social justice, William Edward Burghardt Dubois, and learn more about his life and work. Situated in his home and personal library, this museum features many meeting facilities and halls used throughout the year for cultural and business events, as well as a small museum area. Drawing thousands of visitors annually, this site is also home to numerous theatrical productions and musical and dance numbers throughout the year. Check with the museum’s website to see if your trip will intersect with a planned event, and arrange accordingly to attend.

Be sure to visit these museums during your trip to Accra to get a really comprehensive look at the culture and past of Ghana. The National Museum is a must-see here, and anyone interested in history and culture will enjoy the other two museums. They provide a nice overview into the lives of two influential men who have made Accra their home.

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