Festivals in Accra

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Festivals in Accra vary from the spiritual and serene to the exciting--full of music, dance and local cuisine. Some are appropriate for children and families and others are recommended only for the mature audience, and there are celebrations year round giving everyone a look into the culture and history of Ghana’s capital. 

Homowo Festival  

Every year in August and September, the Ga people of Ghana honor their gods and ancestors who suffered famine after migration to this area. Starting in May and ending in August, this festival is ongoing throughout the growing season. This 4-month period includes a celebration of planting the crops in May and the Yam Feast Festival in August after the harvest. The Yam Feast kicks off 4 days of festivities. The festivities include a huge parade on Thursday, a day of remembrance on Friday and a day packed full of feasts and parties on Saturday. Sunday is yet another day of celebration as it is the New Year for the Ga people. The partying often includes fraternization--so be cautious when bringing children along.  

Jaynii International Folklore Festival  

Taking place in Accra as well as Kumasi, the Jaynii International Folklore Festival combines music and dance from around the world over an 8-day period. Featuring performances and activities both indoors and out, this festival gives tourists as well as locals a look into the musical culture of Ghana. Tours are given of local historical locations and workshops are available for novice and experienced artists alike. Occurring in August, the Jaynii International Folklore Festival is full of energy and diversity.

Accra Jazz and World Music Festival  

Ideal for music enthusiasts, the first Accra Jazz and World Music Festival hosts groups from South Africa, Switzerland and France as well as countless local artists for a 7-day festival. Also showcasing sculpture and art from local artists including the famed Nii Amasah, the variety of this event is sure to please the young and old alike.  

Ghanaian Handicraft Trail

If it is local arts and crafts you are looking for, the Ghanaian Handicraft Trail is for you. Perfect for all ages and open year round, you need to allow yourselves 2 days for this event. Starting at the Accra arts and crafts bazaar, the trail teaches the history and production behind these crafts which include hand-woven linens, wood carvings and paintings. The trail then takes you on a tour of local villages surrounding Accra which are renowned for their handicrafts, allowing a diverse experience of Ghanaian culture and art.
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