Family Travel Ideas in Accra

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Accra is an enjoyable family-friendly destination if you can ignore a few sewage-littered beaches, sea-side hawkers and ensure the safety of children by never leaving them unattended. There are plenty of beach activities and sports to indulge in along with a few wildlife reserves and botanical gardens. Here is a guide to have a pleasant family vacation in this Ghanaian coastal town.


These are the best places for frolicking with the kids in tow, however some of the beaches in Accra aren’t exactly the cleanliest, safest and intrusion-free beaches in the region. A good alternative is to visit the beaches on the periphery of the town, between Accra and the Cape Coast. La Pleasure beach, located on this strip, is a nice clean and family-friendly beach with loads of fishing and water sports activity. Ada-Paradise is another well-maintained beach that is relatively private without the menace of obtrusive hawkers and beggars. A more swanky and upscale option for visitors fastidious about cleanliness and quality is Next Door Beach, a private resort that mainly caters to an international tourist population. For more remote beaches that are virtually untouched, head to Cocoloco and Alalska, both located in the center of Accra. For savoring a more authentic essence of the life of locals, visit the White Sands Resort that is located adjacent to a farming and fishing settlement.

Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park, located at the edge of Accra, is a good place to introduce the kids to the spectacular wildlife of Ghana. The sprawling reserve houses over 50 species of mammals, more than 20 species of primates and a whopping 300 species of birds. Visitors can take a guided trek through the lush green paths and hair-pin narrow bends of Kakum’s forest. If the rugged natural evironment brings out a slight adventurous streak in you, try the rope bridge crossing trail with the help of an expert guide.

Aburi Botanical Gardens

The Aburi Botanical Gardens, located on Akwapim ridge approximately 35 kilometers from the center of Accra, is a 160-acre natural haven housing rare and endangered forest trees, medicinal plants and wild shrubs. The botanical reserve promotes awareness, preservation and research of a varied species of vegetation. There are environment education lectures along with guided tours and dining and lodging facilities.

Bui National Park

Bui National Par, located in Tain, is one of the largest protected areas of land in Ghana and features an attractive landscape complete with waterfalls, caves, mountains and a river flowing through gorges. The natural reserve houses several creatures like babbons, green monkeys, hippos, water bucks, antelopes, crocodiles and an array of bird species. Visitors can go game viewing, hiking, canoeing, nature-walking, mountain climbing, bird watching and swimming. Guided tours and lodging facilities are also available.

Accra is a pleasant, family vacation retreat with its beaches, naturally endowed wildlife parks and vast botanical reserves.    
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