Day Trips in Accra

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Accra is a culturally exotic Ghanaian town brimming with interesting snapshots of Africa’s rustic appeal and innately wild and uncontroverted charm. Here are some super day trip options to make the most of your trip to this charismatic multi-ethnic African ghetto.

Volta Region

This Volta region should be a "must inclusion" in your Accra day trips list. The lush forest greenery and panoramic hill beauty of the region is worth experiencing. Start early in the day and drive along the picturesque road that winds through several dramatic peaks and an enchanting Ghanaian countryside to culminate at the equally stunning tropical jungle backdrop of Volta. Carry lots of water and food, and wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes. The walking trail through the dense paths of the forest is pure adventure.

Aburi Village

To savor a slice of the raw and innate lifestyle of a largely tribal population, head straight to the Aburi village, located in the hilly country-side above Accra. You can view several snapshots of the exotic culture and the customs followed by the natives. The village is also a rich storehouse of quintessentially African memorabilia, including several amazing drums in a variety of sizes and shapes. Other artifacts like hand-made masks, vibrant pots, hand-woven fabric and an assortment of bulky jewelry in several colors, shapes, sizes and patterns are interesting to view. Aburi is a great place to sample the artistic genius of the skilled natives along with witnessing their peculiar and distinctive lifestyle. A typical English cocoa plantation and garden in the vicinity can also be included in the trip.


The Kokrobite Resort area features entertainment including a captivating live African dance and music performance at the Academy of African Music and Arts. The cool beat, haunting rhythm and infectious energy is guaranteed to transport the visitors into a rhapsody. The region also sports some beautiful beaches that are ideal for lazy day trips amidst the sun kissed sands of Ghana. Though most beaches here are crowded, smart visitors can explore some virginal spots that are completely desolate. If time permits, don’t go from here without taking the one-of-a-kind drum playing program. Accra’s nondescript appeal is thoroughly misleading and the town is surrounded by some of the most beautiful, culturally significant and artistically rich regions that blow the trumpet of Ghana’s endearing heritage with gusto.  
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