Aburi Travel Guide

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This small but wonderful town is situated at the top of a mountain.  The temperature can be compared to the temperature of Northeastern United States.  Vegatation is rich and abundant here making the landscaping beautiful and breath-taking.  There are also tourist attractions such as the Aburi Botanical Gardens.  This nature preserve inhabits animals and old trees including a restaurant nearby.  The famous Peduase Lodge is also here so you can go and take a tour of that place too.  This town is wonderful and quiet.  Aburi: Your place to stay on your next visit to Ghana.

The Aburi Botanical Gardens are a wonder within itself!  Plants of the most striking sort.  Hundred year old Iroko trees that tower to the heavens, and are wide enough for a dozen people to stand in front. Going with your camera, you wil never get tired of the magnificent creations that permeate the entire Garden. There are huge ants busy at work, vairous birds that are in constant song, somethings come to life and you don't what they are!  For quiet clean air in the best of nature.


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