Getting Around in Africa

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Traditional Dhows in Tanzania

Traditional Dhows in Tanzania

Lisako Bridgewater

Travel in Arica is far from always easy. More than anywhere else officials may expect bribes. Good, cheap accomodation is not as easy as in some of the asian countries. In some parts of the continents heavy rainfall can cause delays and makes planning hard.

Since the troubles in Algeria started, crossing the Sahara has become more difficult than before. But still there are a few good options: the western route along the Atlantic is one option, although you need to be careful because of landmines along the border between Western Sahara (under Moroccan occupation) and Mauritania. Libya to Niger is also a possibility. Going from Egypt through Sudan seems impossible.

In the west of Africa travel is relatively easy, with the exception of countries in civil war, like Sierra Leone. But it is possible to get from Senegal to the Cameroon without encountering major difficulties. It is in the center of the continent that things get more complicated. The CAR, Angola and the two Congo’s offer anything but easy travelling.

The south and the east of Africa on the other hand offer good travelling. It is by no means hard to get from Kenya to South-Africa. Trains are an excellent option in the South.

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