Getting Around in Gambia

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There are two main routes through the country: the tar road along the southern side of the river and the dirt road along the northern bank. Transport upcountry along the southern side is mainly the business of the Gambia Public Transport Corporation buses while northern-side travel is mostly by bush taxi.

Local taxis are widely available with fares depending on the distance and duration of the trip. 'Town taxis' are painted yellow and are used mostly for local trips around Banjul and the Atlantic Coast resorts. 'Tourist taxis' are painted green and can go anywhere in the country.

The River Gambia used to be the primary transport route between Banjul and Georgetown but not anymore. There are private charters available for those who wish to follow the ways of old but currently there are no scheduled commercial boats plying the route.

Car rental agencies are present in the major tourist areas and despite the country's British heritage driving is on the right. For the eco-conscious or the terminally macho hiring a bicycle for a few days or a week is a perfect way to get around this flat bike-friendly country. Rentals are available in tourist areas and locals are sometimes willing to rent theirs out to visitors where no formal facilities exist.

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