Day Trips in Banjul

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Banjul doesn’t have a very distinct appeal or an instantly evocative character. However, its accessibility to coastal resorts and tropical forest getaways make it a strategic starting point to take some amazing day trips.

Bakau, Fajara Kotu and Kololi

Located at a distance of approximately 30 kilometers from Banjul are the beautiful, albeit crowded beach resorts Bakau, Fajara, Kotu and Kololi. The pristine coastal getaways boast lovely sun-kissed weather all year round and are ideal for swimming and sunbathing. Book a tourist taxi to take you these idyllic hotspots, or, for a more jagged experience, move in a minibus with the locals. You can inquire about the bus route beforehand and wave your palms in the air to stop the vehicle once you spot it. The public transport will whisk you to the nearest spot from where you can mosey up the resorts and discover the rugged charm and chaste air of the region. Make sure to take plenty of water and some food as well since the beach side stalls and hawkers don’t exactly offer the most hygienic cuisine.


Located at a distance of approximately 187 kilometers from Banjul, Dakar in Senegal is a good day trip option for its old ‘Arabian Nights style’ markets, imposing mosques, clean beaches, adroitly built Cathedrals, sprawling parks and most importantly a marked west African character and highly conspicuous native culture. There are other heritage sites and historical centers that reverberate with Senegal’s erstwhile glory.

Jinack Island

The more daring and action-seeking travelers can explore the Jinack Island, which is faction of the castaway and sparsely populated Niumi National Park. You can reach this lush reserve with hairpin walking trails by crossing to the northern bank of the Gambia River. There are a few wild animals and mostly migratory birds that inhabit this ecologically diverse park. The place is more for walking and hiking enthusiasts than wildlife purists. The experience of walking through a dense natural reserve in the surrounding of a vociferous river is wild Africa at its best.

Bird watching Getaways

Banjul has several rich bird watching regions and parks that accentuate the tropical ambiance and untamed spirit of Gambia. The best places to go bird watching are Abuko, the dramatic Tanbi Wetland region and the vast Makasutu Forest. View several species of indigenous aerials maneuver through the eclectic topography of the region. Don’t forget to take along a camera, since there are plenty of photogenic vistas in the wild forests of Gambia. 

Banjul is surrounded by several picturesque coastal resorts, wildlife getaways and historical cities that salute and celebrate the feral identity of western Africa.

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