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Accommodation in Banjul

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all football lovers will enjoy watching or joining in a game with the locals in the park

opposite hagan street.

area arround half die is called 'half die' as following a flood sepsis broke out and half the population in the area died.

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Farakunku Lodges

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Your Anglo/Gambian hosts ( Heather and Moses) offer you deluxe, secluded, country holiday accommodation for couples and single travellers, all set in a natural rural area only 2kms from the sea on the edge of Tujereng village on Gambia’s unspoilt south coast

We have built 4 large, airy octagonal lodges each with their own large private sun terraces and secluded seating all set in lovely gardens On site there is our open-sided residents’ restaurant offering a buffet breakfast, daytime drinks and snacks and an evening meal choice.

type:First Class
World66 rating:[rate it]
tel:00220 7260669