Day Trips in Libreville

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Libreville, the capital of Gabon, is a beautiful beach side city that offers some great opportunities for travelers and people looking to enjoy the African experience. Enjoy the city, go shopping, check out the Arboretumde Sybang, a huge park of trees inside the city, and visit the National Museum of Arts and Traditions. Gabon's position on the west coast of Africa means that you are surrounded by some wonderful wildlife. Here are a few day trips that will make your vacation to Libreville that much better.

Akanda National Park

To the immediate north of Libreville you will find Akanda National Park. To get there you have to take a boat from Libreville to the mouth of the Moka River, where you will disembark in the park. The park is mostly made up of Mangroves, a shrub-like tree that grows in coastal habitats, and tidal beaches. The Akanda National Park was founded in 2002 by the president, Omar Bongo. It is a site for migratory birds of all kinds, and is also home to some important species of turtle. Day trips are easy to arrange from Libreville, as one of the main reasons the park was founded in the first place was to promote tourism.

Ivindo National Park

Part of the same 2002 edict that established Akanda National Park, Ivindo National Park lies in central-east Gabon, making it more of a journey from Libreville. The handy existence of the Trans-Gabon railway, however, makes it a very doable trip during your Libreville vacation, and it's well worth it. The park boasts gorillas, buffalo, elephants, chimpanzees, leopards and more, as well as a number of stunning waterfalls. Because there are a number of rivers running throughout the park, tours are sometimes taken by boat, though some still go on foot.

Lope National Park

If you're running a tight schedule, you can visit Lope and Ivindo parks in the same day, since they both are accessed from the Trans-Gabon railway. If you have the time, however, both parks deserve at least a day's worth of exploration, if not more. Located in the heart of Gabon, Lope National Park is mostly rainforest, with some areas of grass Savannah to the north. The Ogooue River runs through the park, and is home to a wide variety of species. Animals you will find in Lope include forest elephants, the western lowland gorilla, mandrills and the crowned hawk eagle.

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