Cruises in Libreville

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Libreville prides itself as a distinguished multi-cultural hub exuding with exceptional natural beauty and a conspicuous European aura. Here are some of the best cruise options to enjoy the flavor of this completely unlikely African destination.


Libreville is a pleasant coastal destination that breeds a superb multi-ethnic set-up and diverse cultural lifestyles. The city is a nice mix of old world charm and a fast developing modern economy along with being the center of a throbbing nightlife. Libreville has several day and long cruise options that let visitors explore the pristine and virgin waters of Gabon.

Long Cruises

Several cruise companies including Travel Dynamics International offer tours embarking from Casablanca and moving down the coast of West Africa. The cruise halts at several South American ports and offers patrons the opportunity to experience the magic of the African desert landscape and the dramatic Saharan dunes. Other stopovers give or take a few include the volcanic archipelago of Cape Verde Islands, the World Heritage Sites at Olinda, Salvador and Brazil and the Falkland Islands for their rich wildlife. The long winded tour spreads across more than 25 days and has inclusions like Libreville and other surrounding ports in Congo and Cameroon in the itinerary as well. There are some super West Africa special yacht cruises that sail through ports of Gabon, Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Liberia, Mauritania, Mali, Senegal and Sierra Leone. The tours go on for a little over 10 to 12 sailing days. A few customized luxury packages offer added inclusions and high-end amenities.

City Sightseeing Cruises

There are numerous local day sightseeing and evening sunset cruises that sail you through the serene waters of Libreville. The dinner cruises are also great options to wine and dine in style under the enchanting night sky of Africa. The dinner cruises serve delectable six course meals and some have nice cultural performances aboard. Watch the famous I’independence Boulevard moving along the coast of the city, the celebrated Presidential Palace and breathtakingly beautiful Novotel. Ekwata and Pointe Denis Beaches are pleasant relaxation haunts on the day cruises and some will even take you to the Musee des Arts et Traditions du Gabon, which features a whopping collection of wild and exotic masks from Gabon’s ethnic historical legacy.

Libreville has an extensive array of local sightseeing cruises but not many options in terms of long cruises that feature a stopover in the city.

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