Rentier State in Africa:Oil Rent Dependency and Neocolonialism in the Republic of Gabon

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Jeremy Rich: This is a nice albeit grim introduction to the sordid world of Gabonese politics. While more juicy stories of corruption and the role of the French government are not yet readily available in English, Yates does an admirable job of sketching out the impact of neo-colonial domination. The very riches of Gabon, particularly oil and mineral resources, have created a host of problems. Government officials have profited greatly from alliances made with multinational companies without putting profits back into education and social services or tried to diversify the economy. The book is written in a style that lacks flash but is accessible to those outside the ivory tower. If you plan to visit Gabon, you need to read this if you want to understand what you will see in the country.
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author:Da A. Yates

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