Debre Zeit Travel Guide

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Viewpoint Lodge

Viewpoint Lodge

jan jackers

Debre Zeit is a town at 47 km south of Addis Abeba (Ethiopia). (Note that there is no problem of malaria in Debre Zeit.) On the border of Babogaya lake, which is an ancient volcano 1km2 wide, filled with clear water in which it is possible to swim or to go around with a kayak, where the Viewpoint Lodge is situated. The view of the lake is exceptional. Its surroundings are wooded and the volcano Yerer emerges behind. In the Viewpoint Lodge there are 3 levels of garden to give space for each of the visitors. ou can see about 50 different birds from the garden. Emperor Haile Sellasie spent secretly his weekends on the lakeside. The climate is like throughout the year to what is found in the south of France in May.

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