Top 5 Must Do's in Malabo

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The capital of Equatorial Guinea, a small nation in Central Africa, Malabo is the economic and political center of the land, and promises to be full of life. Here are some Malabo Must Do’s.

1. Visit the Santa Isabel Cathedral

The Santa Isabel Cathedral is one of the country and city’s landmarks, with its stunning Spanish Gothic architecture forming a contrast against the more traditionally structured buildings in the Plaza de España. Reflecting the city’s colonial past, the Cathedral was built by the Spanish and named after Malabo’s colonial name – Santa Isabel – a name that the cathedral retains to this day. Admire the tall arches and skeleton stone structures that are a defining point of Gothic architecture as a whole, and how these elements bring the whole cathedral together in majesty.

Enjoy the beach at Luba

Joined by a main road that goes from Malabo to Luba, this is the second largest town in Bioko, the region where Malabo is located as well. By car, the journey takes about an hour and a half, and this is the beach capital of Equatorial Guinea. The town has become more and more popular among tourists and investors in the recent years due to the opening up of the free port, meaning the beaches tend to be slightly more crowded than a few years ago. Still, Luba is worth a visit, with its stunning beaches and beautiful sunsets in the evenings.

Go trekking

Another popular activity is trekking, and this is definitely a must-do, even for those who might not think they love the great outdoors. Situated on the rim of a volcano, Malabo promises to have a very diverse range of plants and wildlife. Riaba, a township just outside the city, is a popular place to drive to and take in the sights. Located just atop an old volcanic lake, Riaba is a brilliant place for nature photography lovers. Visitors are often impressed by the birds that roost by the lake, particularly in the warm summers.

Taste local cuisine

Influenced by the French and the Spanish, Malabo’s cuisine promises to be varied and interesting. There are a few very good French restaurants in the city center, although some of them can be quite pricey compared to the local fare. Those who are adventurous with their tastebuds can try local food in hotel restaurants or in the market places, although it is not advisable to consume raw foods like salads, given the hygiene standards of the place.

Explore the city

Malabo would not be Malabo without the city, and this should definitely be explored. Traffic is good enough to drive around, and bicycles are available, but the best option is definitely walking. The city itself is not big, so walking is easily achieved, particular in the winter. The Santa Isabel Cathedral is prominent in the main city square, but check out the Presidential Palace just across the square as well.

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