Things to do in Malabo

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Malabo is the capital city of Equatorial Guinea, and in Malabo, the things to do list is extensive. Found on the rim of this city is a sunken volcano. This location has allowed for Malabo to have a unique terrain and wildlife, coupled with the bustle of being an African capital city. There are many things to do in Malabo, with many attractions to see.


The Santa Isabel Cathedral is a must-see for all visitors to the African city, located in the Plaza de España. The cathedral is constructed in a Gothic-Spanish style, and provides a contrast to the architecture around it. The Presidential palace is located in the same square, and is worth a visit as well. Situated on a volcano, Malabo offers sights such as craters and lakes that cannot be seen elsewhere. These sights can be viewed from Riaba, a town located outside the city. In addition, Luba is also popular with its sandy beaches and clear waters – all to be enjoyed in the warm African sunshine.


The beaches are a popular leisure or weekend spot for locals and tourists alike, and a day should definitely be spent on the beach. Shopping in large malls is unheard of, since there are no large shopping areas in Malabo. Instead, the majority of shopping is done in small shops or markets, where the locals simply peddle their goods. Nightlife in Malabo is also largely local, with run down pubs and bars offering home-brewed alcohol or cheap beer. In Malabo, local life would be indeed an interesting experience for a first-time visitor.


A large amount of economic support from France has brought in an influx of investors who live in Equatorial Guinea, mostly settling in Malabo and bringing along their food culture. French food is common in Malabo, and some of the hotels can provide very authentic French cuisine. Local food is easily available by the roadside, but be careful of the hygiene conditions. A safer bet would definitely be the hotel cafeteria or restaurant, where a dish of smoked beef and pepper is the popular national dish. Like most African cities, Malabo has a good variety of alcohol, but be sure to try the local wine – Malabo’s wine is of an excellent quality.

Malabo offers a variety of things to do with a splash of vibrancy that is typical of an African city. But, with its geographical location, terrain and mix of wildlife, Malabo offers something more.

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