Getting Around in Malabo

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Getting around in Malabo Equatorial Guinea can be easy if you know the best Malabo transportation that you should take. There are a few different ways that you can enjoy the city and get to where you are traveling on your vacation. The area has fewer transportation venues than some cities, so you may want to plan on either taking a taxi to get around, walking ,or enjoying a ferry to take you in and out of the Malabo area.


Taxis are affordable in Malabo and you can find that you will be able to get anywhere that you want in the city for a small amount of money. They are more expensive at night if you are going to be out on the town so be prepared to pay more money for traveling by taxi in the evenings. You should also be aware that not all of the streets in Malabo are paved and if you are going anywhere not on the main roads, you may have to walk. The taxis stay on the paved roads mainly, and you can take one to catch a ferry.


Most people find that walking around the city is one of the best ways to get around because it is free, and the town is small enough to be able to get where you need to go. You can also take the time to enjoy each of the stops that you make along the way. Walking is one of the best Malabo transportation ways to get around and find the restaurants and shopping that you are looking for. You can also enjoy the views that you will find on the outskirts of town and enjoy the different terrain that you can find. Be sure to wear proper footwear and clothing when you are going to be walking.


Ferries are another way to get around in the city, and because not all of the Malabo streets are paved or able to travel on, you can find that getting from the airport to the city is easier if you take the ferry. You can also take the ferry to get around to some of the islands and areas near Malabo where you can travel to. The city's canals are passable on the ferry and you can get to where you are going easily by catching a ferry at one of the many stops.


The Malabo area is well serviced with many of the carriers and you can find that the International airport in Malabo provides you with the carriers that you need to fly into and out of the area. You will need to check the days that you are going to be traveling because many of the carriers only service the Malabo transportation area a few days a week.

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