Festivals in Malabo

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Malabo Festivals celebrate the local culture and landmarks surrounding the area. Malabo is the capital city of Equatorial Guinea and is exposed to people of many different backgrounds. As a result they have developed a wide variety of events to celebrate their heritage and the culture around them.

Malabo Hip Hop Festival

The Malabo Hip Hop Festival happens every year in December for 10 days. The event is often held at the Institute of Cultural Expression. People from all over Africa and the Hip Hop world come to attend it. Each year the festival exhibits the best French and Spanish groups. These artists are from both Europe and Africa. In addition to live performances, there are number of workshops for budding artists.

Festival of Guinea

The Festival of Guinea is located across the bay in Conakry, Guinea. This festival is a must see for anyone interested in Guinea's history. Exhibits in the festival range from the ancient times and the tribes that used to inhabit the land to the European colonization and Guinea's struggle for freedom. There are a number of experts that can answer any question people have about Guinea and its people. For historians interested in the slave trade routes or people searching for their genealogy, the festival is good place to research. There is also a symposium on African art for people interested in the subject. While viewing the art or listening to a lecture on Guinean history, visitors can enjoy performances from the local ballet. Meals reflect the culture of the area. The Festival is known for education, entertainment and good food. 

Yam Festival

The Yam Festival is a major event in Western African. Tribal women from all over Ghana attend this festival each year. The festival started as a pagan traditional and has evolved to a celebration of the farming among communities. Each year, the festival starts with women walking the roads balancing yams on their head. When they get to the destination of the festival they start by erecting an altar to their ancestors and sacrifice yams in their honor. The men dance around in colorful costumes doing traditional dances. Outsiders coming to the festival are in for an exciting experience.

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