Eating Out in Malabo

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Malabo Restaurants range from family style to elegance dining. Malabo is the capital city of Equatorial Guinea. They have developed a wide variety of foods to please the local and visiting population. A number of the restaurants are located by the shoreline for people to enjoy the view when they eat.

Pizza Place

The Pizza Place is one of the most popular eateries in Malabo. It's a pizzeria in the heart of the city, and for those looking for pasta or pizza, this is place to go. The Pizza Place is known for using fresh ingredients and providing a pleasant atmosphere to the patrons. The restaurant is located by a hotel and is a few blocks from the beach. The average receipt for a dinner is between $4 and $6. This venue is especially popular for expatriates and soccer fans, as it broadcasts live matches. People coming to eat will enjoy a nice meal at inexpensive prices.

Restaurant Club Nautico

The Restaurant Club Nautico is a seafood restaurant by the old port. Being on the edge of the sea, the city of Malabo has an excellent supply of seafood. Restaurants like Club Nautico work hard to use this resource. It's known in Malabo for its seafood, and offers a number of dishes at midrange prices. The restaurant provides outdoor seating with a terrace. People coming to Club Nautico can enjoy the sunset on the sea while having a dish of paella and a cocktail.

La Luna

The La Luna restaurant offers Moroccan and European foods. This restaurant is part of a hotel and is conveniently located by the airport. For travelers this is a great place to stop when arriving in Malabo. People can enjoy a light meal when arriving on the island. Their food is savory and the atmosphere enjoyable, with the price range being moderate. The staff works hard to make visitors feel welcome at both La Luna and the island. As Malabo was once a Spanish colony, the restaurant has worked to integrate the flavors of the Europe with local cuisine. 

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