Day Trips in Malabo

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If you are looking for something interesting around the capital city of Equatorial Guinea you can choose from different Malabo day trips to other neighboring cities. Traveling may be long and tourists will have to use airways or waterways to get to these places, but they are definitely worth the trip.


Situated toward the south of Bioko, Luba is about 40 km from Malabo and can be easily reached by road. A drive from Malabo to Luba takes approximately one and a half hour. The city is an important port and now allows larger vessels to make harbor and this helps reduce the congestion in Malabo. Tourists visiting Luba can visit some of the volcanic peaks in the area or spend their time at one of the many white sandy beaches in the city. Playa Arena Blanca is one of the popular beaches in Luba. There are also many restaurants in the city that are famous for their seafood menu.


Located about 110 km from Malabo, Douala is the largest city in Cameroon. There are quite a few attractions in the city that tourists can visit. These include the city’s museum, chief palace, La Pagode and other sights. Visitors will find a number of good bistros and bars along the city’s waterfront. There are numerous French-style patisseries, coffee houses and restaurants in the city that offer great food and drinks. The city also has a vibrant nightlife with many clubs and bars.


This is the second most important city in Equatorial Guinea and it is located on the mainland of Rui Muni. Tourists can get to Bata from Malabo either by flight or ferry. Flying to Bata from Malabo is the best idea for a day trip as it takes about 45 minutes. Along the coastal road from the airport to the main city, tourists can enjoy beautiful beaches with white sand and pristine waters. Bata is worth a visit because of its colonial charm, bars, restaurants and hotels.

Monte Alen National Park

If you are looking for something completely different to do, visit the Monte Alen National Park which is located on the Rui Muni mainland. This is a protected area measuring 1400 square km and is one of the main highlights in Equatorial Guinea. It consists of lush rainforests and different kinds of wildlife like crocodiles, forest elephants, gorillas and chimpanzees among many others. It is best to visit this park with a guide and visitors should ensure they carry adequate food and water with them. Taking a flight to Bata and then a taxi is the easiest way to reach Monte Alen National Park. As traveling may take longer than usual, it is best to set out as early as possible.

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