Beaches in Malabo

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Malabo is the capital city of Equatorial Guinea, located off the coast of the Africa on Bioko Island. Malabo Beaches are brief, white sand coastlines that border the bay. A traveler can reach the island of Bioko by crossing the mainland thorough Malabo Bay. While the beaches of Malabo may not the best beaches in Guinea, the city does offer some unique activities like biodiversity tours. Within driving distance there are several good beaches around the island that offer traditional activities.

Bioko Diversity Program

Malabo and the island of the Bioko are known for their exotic plant life. Much of this plant life is concentrated among the coast. As a result, the Guinean government has invested a number of resources in developing by biodiversity programs. Visitors to the area can arrange for guided tours around the beaches. There is a primate sanctuary nearby, and the tours also offer boat tours around the beaches and through the local rivers.

Arena Blanca

Arena Blanca is the only white sand beach on Bioko Island, and is an hour’s drive from Malabo. The beach is an interesting mix of sports and nature trails. Visitors are encouraged to walk along the trails lining the beach during the dry season. A hiker on those trails will see scores of butterflies and get a picturesque view of the bay. Visitors are encouraged to take advantage of the clean water and go swimming. The beaches have warm water and gentle currents. They provide an enjoyable experience for swimmers, and are a great place for children. In addition, Arena Blanca has a wide variety of inexpensive restaurants in the area with fresh seafood. The seafood is caught directly from the bay. 

Moraka Playa

Moraka Playa is a black sand beach in Ureca, a village just out of Malabo. Moraka is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the island.  The black sand comes from the extinct volcanoes that make up the island. What makes this area unique to the island are the turtles that live there. There are four types of turtles that come and lay eggs here all year around.  The locals in Bioko are more traditional thatn those in other islands. They keep the island slow-paced so as to keep the island under the radar. The turtle migration has benefited from this, as few people are there to disrupt their routines. Turtles have continued to lay their eggs on the shore in the same fashion for hundreds of years.

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