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accommodation in Malabo

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There are several Malabo Hotels around the city of Malabo where you can relax and enjoy your holiday. Most hotels in Malabo offer affordable accommodations and standard services. However, reserving a room is pretty difficult, especially if you don’t have inside contact from the island. Here are a few recommendations for you.

Sofitel Malabo

This is the best hotel in Malabo and the only international hotel chain in the city. Sofitel Malabo offers luxury accommodations, great food, excellent service and a wonderful view of the Malabo Harbor. The hotel also includes a gymnasium, swimming pools, function rooms, bars, a spa and other facilities. Sofitel Malabo is located right in the heart of the city. A room for two will cost you approximately $436 a night.

Hotel Candy

Hotel Candy is situated right in the heart of Malabo. This is a very humble hotel that offers comfortable and basic accommodations for travelers with tight budgets. Every room is equipped with a telephone, TV, air-conditioner, bathroom and clean bed and linens. Hotel Candy also has an on-site restaurant and nightclub. Standard rooms cost $65 per night.

Hotel Bahia Malabo

Hotel Bahia is the most well-known local hotel in Malabo. It offers simple air-conditioned rooms with TV and private bathroom. The rooms each have a balcony that provides a great view of the ocean and Mount Cameroon. The hotel also has an on-site restaurant with a patio that provides a nice view of the Malabo Harbor and the outlying oil rigs. The reception area has free Wi-Fi access for guests. Standard rooms cost $112 per night.

Hotel Bantu

Hotel Bantu is located at Avenida de la libertadin Malabo. It offers single and double rooms that have basic facilities. There’s also an on-site restaurant and bar which offers great food and entertainment for the hotel guests. Hotel Bantu’s staff is very friendly and helpful. A room at this hotel will cost you $71 for a night.

Hotel Impala

Hotel Impala offers two types of accommodation--rooms and apartments. Every room has a comfortable bed and basic facilities such as air-conditioning and hot and cold showers. The apartments, on the other hand, are equipped with a refrigerator, electric cooker, kitchen utensils and a private lounge area where you can have a wonderful view of the city. The hotel personnel are well-trained and very accommodating. Standard rooms cost $102 per night.

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