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Tanta is the fifth largest city in Egypt with close to five hundred thousand inhabitants. One of the primary industries thriving in Tanta is the cotton industry which is why Tanta is known throughout Egypt as being a cotton-ginning center. Tanta also serves as the main hub as far as railroads across the Nile Delta.


Tanta is well-known for its magnificent mosques that have stood the test of time and seen many generations come and go. These mosques serve as one of the primary tourist attractions in Tanta today. Don’t forget to visit the Sayed Al-Bedawi Mosque and the schools in the area which are well over a few hundred years old. The Mosque in particular is truly a sight to behold.

The University of Tanta

The city of Tanta is also home to one of the most recognized and prestigious universities in Egypt, the University of Tanta. The university came into existence in 1962 and within ten years gained autonomy as the University of Tanta. Medicine, Agriculture and Engineering are some of the main streams of learning at the university.

The Moulid Celebration in Tanta

Every year, there is a week long Moulid, which translates into a birthday celebration, in honor of Ahmed el-Bedawi, who is considered to be one of the four great Sufi saints to emerge from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. The largest celebration of its kind in all of Egypt, the annual event attracts anywhere from tens of thousands to millions of Egyptians. There is music and dancing to be had as well as delicious Egyptian sweets and savories that can be purchased from any of the many roadside hawkers that line the streets of Tanta during the festival.

Getting to Tanta 

Getting to Tanta for the Moulid or getting there any other time of the year is easy to do, with trains operating daily between other popular Egyptian destinations like Alexandria , Cairo and Port Said . Alternatively, you could travel by minibus or taxi. Which one you choose, is really a matter of how much you are willing to spend on travel, although both are relatively cheap options. To get a better feel of life in Egypt and Tanta, traveling to Tanta by a shared taxi will help you interact with locals a lot more, besides reducing the cost of your journey by quite a bit.

Bearing in mind that Tanta is one of the largest cities in Egypt, the fastest way to get anywhere within the city is by taxi; if you have the time to spare you can take one of the public minibuses.


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