Sinai desert Travel Guide

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The Sinai Peninsula is a part of Egypt connecting the Continents of Asia and Africa. Surrounded by the Gulf of Suez, Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Israeli Negev desert. The most interesting sight is the west southern part of the Sinai. It is mountaineous with its highest peak St. Katherine Mt. 2644 m.  Here, below the craggy outcrops, St Katherine's Monastery sits beneath the mountain where a 4th century tradition says Moses received the Ten Commandments, although archaeological investigations have failed to find any evidence that the Israelites ever camped here. Among its treasures is a library of ancient manuscripts and icons second only to the Vatican's itself, and a 6th century church reputed to lie directly on the site of the Burning Bush. The start point for trekking is Bedouin village El-Milga near the St. Katherine Monastery. There are also some popular beach resorts. The most famous are Sharm el Sheikh and Dahab, a place very popular with the independent traveller.
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