Things to do in Sharm el Sheikh

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Sharm el-Sheikh´s location on the Red Sea makes it ideal for water sports enthusiasts. There are also plenty of excursions for the land based adventurer. Whether you're into low-key sports or high-risk action, you're sure to find something that floats your boat in or around Sharm el'Sheikh.


When you hit the beaches of Sharm, the first thing you want to do is jump into the pristine waters of the Red Sea. But the experience can't be fully appreciated unless you can see what's going on below the surface. If you haven't got your own gear, you can usually borrow or hire some from your hotel. If they've run out, there are vendors scattered all along the beach that rent snorkels and masks for a fair price.


For the more adventurous, diving holds great appeal. There are plenty of proper diving centers around that will take experienced and new divers out on expeditions of the sea. These usually cost a bit more, but you´re sure to get your diving stamp from a proper school that knows its stuff. Again, there are vendors along the beach who are looking for people to take out, and they usually charge a bit less. The locations are usually closer to shore, as opposed to the school excursions that take you further out. If you're a less experienced diver, you may want to pass them up unless they're simply recruiting for one of the dive centers. Otherwise, check them out to be sure they know what they´re doing.


The same people who set up on the beaches to rent equipment to snorkelers and divers have boats on the ready for beach bums who prefer to take to the skies. They do put safety first, though, so be prepared for a refusal if they feel it´s too windy to go out.


If you prefer to check out the sea life while remaining safely out of the water yourself, you can book a tour on any of the number of glass bottom boats. Some of the boats are even equipped restaurants, and you can dine while watching the fish swim beneath your feet. It's always worth catching a glimpse of the amazing sea life in the Red Sea, and if swimming isn't your thing then this is definitely the way to go.


For those into the more relaxing side of sports, Martim Jolie Ville Resort is the place to go for excellent golfing. You can reach them at +20 69 3600 100.

Quad Riding

Ask at your hotel for information about trips through the desert on hired quads. These four-wheeled vehicles are a fast and fun way to cut through the desert at high speeds. Be sure to wear sunglasses and bring a handkerchief to tie over your mouth and nose.

Bedouin Camping

To experience some of what the Bedouin lifestyle is like, book a trip out into the deserts of Sinai. After arriving at your destination in the middle of the desert, you can relax while your guides build up a fire and cook a delicious dinner. After an amazing sunset, your guides will point out some of the stars and perhaps do a few traditional songs or dances. The more adventurous can camp out all night, but be sure to bring plenty of layers, as it gets absolutely frigid in the desert at night.

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Safari Adventure to Colored Canyon Nuweiba

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Memphis Tours Egypt since 1955

Tour Length : 1 Day Trip

Tour Type : By Jeep Safari

Tour Schedule : Daily Departure

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- Pick up services from you hotel and return
- English speaking tour leader assistance
- Transfers by an air-conditioned 4X4 WD vehicle
- Expert Bedouin guide during your trip
- Lunch during tour in Nuweiba
- Free bottled water and soft drink
- Services charges and taxes included

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