Sights in Sharm el Sheikh

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Sharm el Sheikh is packed full of tourist attractions, maybe too much so. Many of the popular activities you'll either love or hate. The Old Market, for example, is seen by some as a dirty area of town where the shopkeepers hassle you constantly to buy things, while others see it as a place to experience the culture of the area and mingle with locals. Hiking up Sinai Mountain is controversial as well. Some say that the difficult hike is way too strenuous, the guides are not knowledgeable, and the view at sunrise is not worth the effort, while others say that it is a profound religious experience with a huge payoff at the top that's worth every step of the steep climb.

Diving and Water Sports

Sharm el Sheikh is  well known for being one of the best diving locations in the world. For this reason, there are almost unlimited options for you to choose from when deciding where to dive along the Red Sea. From Aquavision to the Camel Diving Club to Sinai Divers, you're sure to find the place, price, amount of time, and experience that you're looking for when it comes to diving. You can browse dive clubs along the 10 mile long stretch of beach that runs from Sharm el Sheikh to Ras Nusran. Shark's Bay and Na'ama Bay have even more choices, most of which are willing to cater to all of your time constraints, budget constraints, and diving abilities. Other watersports like snorkeling and windsurfing are also popular, and, like diving, they allow you to see the incredible sights that the Red Sea offers, including dolphins, colorful fish, gorgeous seascapes, reefs, etc.

Another way to enjoy the sights of the Red Sea, is by simply going the beach. Swimming, sunbathing, or building a sand castle, it's impossible to ignore the beauty of the area with its wonderful combination of desert and sea. All along the coast there are beaches, both public and private, to choose from. If you're staying at a hotel along the coast, especially in Na'ama Bay, it will probably have its own private beach for you to enjoy.

Natural Wonders

Being in the desert, Sharm el Sheikh is very close to incredible sights formed by mother nature, herself. The Feiran Oasis was one of the first religious sites of Christianity on the Sinai Peninsula. If you go, you'll be rewarded with a look at the ruins of many ancient churches settled among the palms and water. You'll also see the famous rock that Moses supposedly drew water out of with his staff.

Color Canyon is another natural wonder you cannot miss. It was created over hundreds of years because of the presence of ferrous oxide and manganese, which formed the magnificent colors striped along the sandstone walls of the canyon. It makes for an incredible photo opportunity, although the photos can never accurately display the brilliance of the reds, purples, yellows, and golds as they look in person.

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