History in Sharm el Sheikh

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SHARM EL SHEIKH I  how it all began


Sharm El Sheikh  has a relatively short story compared to the rest of Egypt and her millenniums of history, however her development is still interesting especially as most of the pioneers of Sharm residents of the this expanding resort. Originally Sharm was a remote Bedouin fishing village with only the basics for simple living, over time it has evolved into a thriving resort town with an impressive listing of many international hotel chains, making it affectionately known as the pearl of the Red Sea Riviera.

Tourism began in Sharm when adventure seekers started diving safaris. These trips where very different from the luxury charter boats of today, instead jeeps where loaded up with equipment and supplies and a convoy of vehicles would weave their way down the coastline from Taba to Sharm, stopping off on the way.

Becoming a "resident" was quite different story then. The first hotel was affectionately called the "Caravan hotel" which by today's standards was not really a hotel, but a group of caravans and tents pitched together on the beach, with a generator to run the compressor and some lights.

In 1982 the first Egyptian building development began. The Aqua Marine hotel was being built along with a second hotel the Cliff Top s(still existing today) in Hadaba. The Egyptian Government was keen to develop the tourist diving industry and needed divers so they employed Alain Sobol from Belgium to manage Aqua Marine and Rolf Schmidt another prominent pioneer. Both are still resident in Sharm today.

Gradually more Egyptian and foreigners began to settle, starting camps and hotels, supermarkets, burger bars basically anything the residents needed. Sharm developed during this period at a leisurely pace. The big boom was in the 90's when almost every known hotel chain started development. Sharm has now become a cosmopolitan civic, with modern dining, avant-garde nightlife, and a kaleidoscope of activities making it a true world class holiday.

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