Festivals in Sharm el Sheikh

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Sharm el Sheikh festivals offers many festivals annually that are completely unique for this city. Celebrations are held nationwide that include competitions involving fishing and the International Shopping and Tourism Festival. Many events and festivals draw a lot of tourists and allow them to experience traditions known for Egypt. Many of the activities are interactive.

January Festivals

Coptic Christmas is a holiday around religion that is typically occurring towards the beginning of January. Colorful parades, concerts of music, and theater revolving around religion topics are offered during the celebration. Islamic New Year, also in January, is a festival that celebrates when Mohammed traveled from Mecca to Medina.

February Festivals

In February, Union Day is celebrated as a public holiday. Coptic Easter is held in March and is the most important festival within the calendar of the Coptic. Christians visit relatives to hold feasts in honor of remembrance. Abu Simbel Festival celebrates the breathtaking sights within the world on the temple of Abu Simbel. The inner chamber is lit up for the celebration symbolizing his rise for the throne. This festival takes place at the end of February.

Camel Races and More

Sinai Liberation Day in April honors withdrawal of Israeli troops along the Sinai Peninsula that occurred following the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt in 1979. Shem al Nessim is the festival ushering in spring. The holiday is nationwide and celebrated on the Monday following Coptic Easter. International Camel Competitions features the best camels of the region competing in a race. This is particularly entertaining to watch as the riders race these camels to find the fastest. Labor Day is held in May and features many festivals and partying.  The National Fishing Competition draws a big crowd and is a tradition for the locality.

Remembrance Festivals and Art

In June, the Leylet en-Nuktah  festival is held to remember the rise of the Nile, which is known as the drop. Evacuation Day celebrations are also held in remembrance of the foreign troop withdrawal during 1956. July sees the Revolution Day celebrations as the region celebrates the fall surrounding the Egyptian royal government and the rise of the Republic in 1952. An art festival in August is known to be among the impressive festivals within the Arab world. The party lasts all week with colorful folk art featured from Africa, Europe and Asia.  
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