Eating Out in Sharm el Sheikh

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Sharm el Shiekh is a haven for food connoisseurs and has highly eclectic tastes and brilliant fusion cuisine to suit the palates of a variety of travelers gracing its soil. Here are some of the best places to eat in this gastronomical Egyptian hotspot.


Sharm el Skeikh is a storehouse of multi-cuisine wonders and offers a string of delectable culinary choices. There are several fast food joints like Pizza Hut, KFC and Mc Donald’s along with more adventurous eateries that line-up the promenades of Namma Bay. They serve some of the most delicious local fare at modest prices and offer a brilliant sea-side ambiance with the wind delicately blowing in your face while you savor the region’s rich aroma and flavors. Visitors can feast on Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Lebanese, French and a host of other cuisines in intimate and artistically created settings. There are even a few deck restaurants that offer stunning vistas of the coasts and most eateries serve lip-smacking sea food freshly picked from the waters of Sharm el Sheikh. Visitors can also enjoy wholesome meals with locals in the old market food stalls. Sharm el Sheikh caters to the up market and budget tourists with equal panache. This place beckons visitors with a good appetite who enjoy their meals with gusto.

The Little Buddha

The Little Buddha located in the heart of Naama Bay has a lovely mix of Asian cuisine ranging from Chinese and Japanese to Thai and Indonesian fare. The oriental décor detailing is simply superb and the service is highly personalized and attentive. A chic haunt for a night out with friends.

Local Market

For a robust flavor of tantalizing local cuisine, head straight to the local market. The bustling street-side carts sell some of the most delicious Egyptian fare and seafood. The fresh sea-food picks of the day are displayed here for the visitors to choose and they are then prepared to produce some stunning results of gastronomical craftsmanship.  A hearty meal for two here will cost a modest $ 10.

The Four Seasons

For visitors seeking a more glitzy dining experience, visit one of the fine dining options at the Four Seasons. The pastas and risottos there are to die for. For authentic and exotic Japanese food, look no further than Sofitel at the Ritz. The delicately flavored sushi you get there is amazing. Dananeer serves tasty non-vegetarian fare at reasonable rates. Mahony is very popular for its seafood and steaks. Hard Rock Café is good for a boisterous night out with pals.

Abou El Sid

Abou El Sid cooks up brilliant local cuisine and serves generous portions at decent prices however the rates exclude a few taxes so keep that in mind while ordering. Siam serves robust Thai food at humble prices while Tandoori has a good array of grilled Indian fare. Onion, on the other hand, is touted to serve the best steaks in Sharm el Sheikh.

Sharm el-Sheikh is a fantastic journey of myriad flavors and aromas that are contrived to appease ordinary and discretionary taste buds alike.

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