Top 5 Must Do's in Mansoura

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Located in Lower Egypt, Mansoura is a town that sits just by the Nile River delta. This little town is largely unknown to tourists, and receives very few visitors every year. However, given the proximity of the place to larger cities like Cairo and Alexandria, this is worth a visit. Here are the top 5 Mansoura Must Do’s.

1. Visit the Dar Idn Lokman

The prison cell of Louis IX of France during his capture in Mansoura, this place is definitely worth a visit for every tourist that passes this way. Although known as a cell, this place is more of a house fit for an ordinary commoner – though not quite a king. Following a lost battle in 1520, Louis IX was taken captive by the Egyptians and imprisoned at this place. His release was eventually negotiated, but the house still stands to this day.

2. Take a Nile boat ride

Egypt would not be Egypt without the mother river of the Nile. Mansoura, located along the River Nile, is the perfect place to take a boat cruise to see the river. With fewer tourists, the tourist industry is very nearly non-existent in this town, and a different perspective of the country can be gained. Even the scenery is different along the river – unlike the tourist markets and sights along the Cairo or Alexandria sections of the Nile, this features mostly rural Egypt, a sight seldom seen by visitors to the country.

3. Shop at El-Sikka El-Gedida

Found in downtown Mansoura, this is the main shopping street in the town. Malls are available throughout the country, but this long street sells everything, and is popular amongst the locals for cheap goods and accessories. Walk along the street and take in the sights and smells – colorful blouses and shawls, small groceries and street foods, as well as accessories. The street is particularly noted for its variety of gold items amongst the locals, and is very popular amongst the ladies.

4. Walk Around the University District

Mansoura is home to the Mansoura University, one of the best universities in all of Egypt. The University district refers to the area where students live and work. Known to the locals as Gam’a, the district is one of the places where tourists can find food – often, food on the streets are lacking in hygiene and can be rather dirty. Cafés and restaurants in this district have much better cleanliness standards, and visitors can sample some locals dishes, as well as some of their very sweet desserts.

5. Meet the People

As with many other places, when it comes to Mansoura, the beauty largely lies in the friendliness of its people. The upper class, and largely Western-educated, people can be found on weekends at the Sports Club, and while it would be nice to visit, it would be good to head to the markets on a Saturday as well. The small town atmosphere means that everyone in the marketplace knows each other, and it is not difficult to assimilate into the hospitality of Mansoura’s people.

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