Things to do in Mansoura

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Mansoura is a small town by the Nile River, and there may not appear to be much to do. Being a small town within a short driving distance of Alexandria and Cairo – far larger cities - Mansoura is often left out and ignored. Here are some Mansoura Things to Do.


One of the town’s biggest highlights is the Dar Ibn Lokman, the prison cell where Louis IX was held after being captured after his failed campaign in Egypt in 1520. This compound is somewhat like a house, and still stands after nearly 500 years. This is definitely worth a visit by history buffs, but for those looking for something a little more leisurely, the Nile Cruise is sure to please. Unlike the sights found along the sections of the river found along the larger and more tourist inclined cities, taking the boat ride along the Mansoura section provides a glimpse of rural Egypt, complete with thatched houses and cattle. Tourists are rare in the town, so much of the sights remain unspoiled.


Tourist-friendly eateries are generally found in the Gam’a district of the city – the area in and around the Mansoura University. The university itself is one of the best institutes of higher education in all of Egypt, and attract many students coming from other parts of the country, including those from larger cities. This means that many of the staff in these restaurants actually speak some English, a very valuable skill here in Mansoura where everything is in Arabic. Local restaurants can be found here alongside small cafés, and visitors who miss home food can come here to try Western cuisine with a local twist. Tourists who are looking to try the famous Egyptian sweets can also head to this district, where syrup-soaked desserts can be sampled.


The main shopping street in Mansoura is the El-Sikka El-Gedida, found in the downtown area of the city. Clothing and jewelry are available here, and the atmosphere is more localized and friendlier compared to the malls. The specialties here are the gold items and jewelry, available in many of the small shops that pepper the long street. Street foods and drinks are also available, but be careful as hygiene standards and water cleanliness can be wanting. Imported goods are also available in malls that can be found in the city, as well as in the University district, so those looking for those can head there. However, being imported and international, these can be expensive.

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