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Mansoura is not only one of the most significant commercial as well as the industrial cities of Egypt, but it is also the capital of the Dakahlia Governorate, which, in turn, is nestled in the East Delta region. Occupying an area of about 25 square kilometers, Mansoura is situated on the Damietta Branch’s eastern bank of the River Nile, and is about 60 kilometers away from the Mediterranean Sea and about 120 kilometers from Cairo – the capital city of Egypt. Mansoura, literally meaning "victorious,’"derives its name as a result of the victory of the place achieved over the king of France – King Louis IX, in 1250 during when he tried to capture the city as a part of the seventh crusade campaign. When it comes to Mansoura sights and attractions, it offers a couple of options for people touring the place, which, among many others, are:

Ibn Loqman House

Erected in 975 AD and once the residence of a judge named Ibn Loqman, this monument has a prominent place in the history of Mansoura, as it is the place where King Louis IX of France was jailed after being conquered by the Egyptian troops in 1250. It is especially noted for its structural design that reflects Arab style architecture. A specialty of this house is that it consists of two types of constructions ,such as the Haramlek and the Salamlek, the former of which represents women-specific house, and the latter, a men-specific house. This house now serves as a museum, and on display here are some interesting items such as the French monarch’s articles, the crusader’s swords, weapons used during the battle, maps and paintings related to the Battle of El-Mansurah, and a huge portrait that depicts the battle.

El-Saleh Ayyub El-Kebir Mosque

Another prominent landmark in the city is El-Saleh Ayyub El-Kebir – a mosque that stands out for its marvelous architectural design. Built by Ayyubid Sultan, a local servant, this mosque is indeed an attraction not to be missed.

El-Sikka El-Gedida

This is a must-visit attraction of the city, especially if you are a shopping enthusiast. This area is dotted with a number of shops where you can buy items such as clothing and gold jewelry.

El Baqliya

During your stay at Mansoura, take a tour to El-Baqliya – a quaint village that is located about ten kilometers south-east of the city. Its focal point is Tell el-Naqus, where you can find the remnants of Hermopolis Parva, which is associated with the ancient Graeco-Roman era.  

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