Shopping in Mansoura

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If you are visiting Mansoura, you might be interested in checking out the various Mansoura Shopping options that are available. There are several nice places where you can shop. If you are looking to pick up some trendy fashion wear, authentic Egyptian clothes, antiques, and souvenirs, you are sure to be able to get them here. If you are good at bargaining, you can try out your skills at the shops and markets in Mansoura. Here are a few recommendations for you:


El-Mashaya is a place where you can buy your consumables while you are in Mansoura. This is one of the popular places to look for your grocery needs, and a great place to rub shoulders with the people in Mansoura, since this area is frequented not only by the tourists, but also by the locals. Your toothpaste, soaps or shampoo can be found in this place in great supply.


If you are looking for great bargains on imported goods, then this is the place to be. You will surely find something interesting here, and you will end up going home with not just one but maybe a few items, depending on how you're looking to spend.

Portsaid Street

Portsaid Street is well known for selling household wares, electrical appliances, and gadgets. For the ultimate satisfaction, it's best to head for this part of town in order to avail of the huge variety of gadgets, appliances and household wares that you may need or want.

El-Sikka El-Gedida

El-Sikka El-Gedida is the shopping district of Egypt. It is actually a long stretch of road that features loads and loads of shopping outlets. That is why, if you are still undecided on what to buy, better venture out and visit El-Sikka Eld-Gedida Street in order to find that perfect gift for yourself or that souvenir for a loved one back home. The shopping street offers locally known brands like ELKenawy, Shehata Hanafy and El Maleka. El Maleka is a high-end jewelry store located on El Mansura Street. It is quite famous locally for its fine jewelry. 


This area is better known as the University District. At Gam’aa you will be able to shop for fancier clothing than at any place in Mansoura. When out looking for fancy shops at the University District, better head directly to "El-Mashaya" or in "El-bahr Street" for these are the most well known local stores of the area. These places are just along the Nile bay, directly in front of the University.


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Suez Canal Street

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