Practical Information in Mansoura

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For safety precaution, you need to read this Mansoura practical information guide when traveling to this place. Mansoura is the capital of the Dakahlia Governorate. The province of Dakahlia Governorate is well renowned for its Egyptian graduates in the field of medicine, especially in Urology and Nephrology. The Mansoura University Center for Nephrology and Urology is well respected in Africa for being the best kidney center in the continent.

Food and Water

When eating in Mansoura, be careful of what you eat because food hygiene in the area is somewhat lacking. You need to be careful eating unsealed foods because you may encounter food poisoning. Most local foods in the area are served with enormous quantities of fat, so you have to be careful and vigilant. As for the water in Mansoura, it's better to stick with bottled or canned drinks, as hygiene standards are not that adequate. The better places to eat will be at the Gam’a or near the university district; there, you can find various Western, local and fast food outlets.


Mansoura has an arid climate, and such climate is very hot. In the summer months, almost always there is no rainfall and the average temperature is 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit). The months of summer are from May to September. During the other months, rainfall is scarce and averages less than 20 mm. These falls occur during the months of October to March. Winter in the area is mild and rarely does it go below 7 degrees Celsius (44.7 degrees Fahrenheit).

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