Getting Around in Mansoura

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Taxis and Buses the Best Option to Get Around Mansoura

The Mansoura transportation is handled by various taxis and buses. Here are some details on both forms of transport that you may find useful.


Taxis are one of the decent forms of transport throughout Mansoura. Although the city isn’t small, it makes an exception from some bigger cities, as most of the taxis around have no taxi meters. That’s why prices should be negotiated prior to taking your ride. This could prove to be a hard thing, as most of the drivers don’t speak foreign languages. For the same reason, it may be hard to tell the driver where to take you to, but if you have some banknotes and a map, it will be easy to understand each other with signs. Normally, most taxi rides throughout the city (even the longest ones) shouldn’t cost you more than a dollar (a dollar is equal to 6 Egyptian Pounds).


Buses are another form of transport throughout Mansoura, although they are mostly used for transfers between the cities and not that much for getting around Mansoura. Buses aren’t new, but are well maintained and in good condition. The only minuses are that they tend to get overcrowded and that again you’ll have to be communicating in local language to understand where you’re going or to buy a ticket. It is not very common to see tourists using local buses, although it is safe enough to do so.

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