Eating Out in Mansoura

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Mansoura restaurants are plentiful in this Egyptian City, however, only few of them offer pork products. Mansoura is around 120 km northeast of Cairo, Egypt. The metropolitan is well known for its Shinnawi Palace and other edifice representing great architectural style. So, when you are planning to visit Mansoura, do come by to this special eating place:

Royal Restaurant

The Royal Restaurant is located at Ibn Dirhem Street, Mansoura. The restaurant offers delivery services and take-out services for diners who want to eat at the comfort of their accommodation. So, you can call the restaurant for delivery. The restaurant actually boasts of authentic Filipino Cuisine. The place has been in business for three years now and is perfect for families with kids, tourists and locals. The restaurant also offers catering services. Thursday nights are considered seafood night, where all food served will be just seafood.

The Food

One of the well loved Filipino Dishes is the tinola; it can either be fish or chicken, but many like tinolang chicken best of all. The chicken is simmered in broth with ginger and other spices, plus softened green papaya. Then tinolang chicken is best served hot with either chilli leaves or malunggay. Tinolang chicken is somewhat comparable to chicken broth.

Another great tasting Filipino food is the sizzling sisig. This food is recommended to diners who are quite adventurous because it is either made up of pig’s facial skin or ears, but some restaurants offer plain chicken or tuna sisig. The sizzling sisig is spicy, tasty and topped with freshly opened egg.

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