Day Trips in Mansoura

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There are many Mansoura day trips to take from this great city, which means “the victorious.” It got its name because it was established after defeating France during the Seventh Crusade. Today, it is becoming a popular tourist attraction famous for its good weather and natural beauty. There are many things here worth seeing, including sights in the surrounding area that are perfect for a day trip.

Visit The Pyramids and The Sphinx

Although it is a longer day trip, the famous landmarks of the pyramids and the sphinx are located near Cairo, which is 120 kilometers from Mansoura. Although there are multiple pyramids, The Great Pyramid of Giza is the last of the Seven Wonders of the World left standing. Standing in front of the pyramids, you will find the equally mesmerizing sphinx.

To get to the pyramids from Mansoura, take a bus or a plane to Cairo, where you may want to book a hotel for the night. From there, grab a taxi out to the pyramids. If you opt to spend the night in Cairo, you may want to stay for the nightly light and sound shows held at the pyramids and learn some more interesting facts.

You can find your way around the pyramids by riding on camels or by walking. Climbing on the pyramids is not allowed. You can, however, go inside. Just be sure that you do not have week knees, because the climbs are often steep. Only 300 tickets per day are sold, so you may want to get there early if you plan on going inside.


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