Beaches in Mansoura

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Mansoura, Egypt is known as the victorious city, a name given during the time of the crusades. Mansoura Beaches are located by the Nile Delta. The beaches are clean and have something for everyone.

El Mansoura

El Mansoura is the largest beach in the area, especially with native Egyptians. The beach was originally funded by a local government project to put people in the Kelibia to work. The project was successful and today the beach is staffed by people from the Kelibia. Visitors to this area can meet with the Kelibians who work the beach. A visitor can get a flavor of local history and some the past as Kelibians are knowledgeable about the area. The white sand beach is by the edge of the Nile and lined with palm trees. The roads surrounding the area are well maintained and clean. Patrons can get a snack from a vendor while relaxing under the shade of a palm. The area is ranked with the sociability of the people and the high quality of the water. 


Gamasa Beach, also known as the Long Beach, is a strip of white sand on the Nile Delta near Mansoura. This beach is famous a more laid-back beach atmosphere. The beach comes highly recommended for families, especially those with small children. Gamasa is not crowded and very clean. The there are several restaurants that are family friendly with quality food that are inexpensive. For those who fall in love with the romantic atmosphere, visitors can stay at 3 hotels located on the beach.


Baltim Beach is a quick cab ride from Mansoura proper. This beach is located to the north of Egypt and borders the Mediterranean Sea. The beach is extremely popular with Egyptians, being one of the best-kept travel secrets in the country. Currently the area is underdeveloped as there are a handful of hotels and restaurants to serve visitors. As the roads have become better this beach is becoming known to foreigners. Visitors to this white sand beach will feel breathless as they view the Mediterranean. The beach is shaped into an oval lagoon which naturally stops erosion as the ocean cannot fully access the area. Sailing, fishing and swimming are extremely popular in this area. Visitors to the area will see boats out on the Mediterranean. 

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