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Mansoura Travel Guide refers to travel information about the city of El Jadida. Located in Morocco, the city of El Jadida (now called Mansoura) is regarded as the city with the most visible European influences in entire North Africa. This significant influence is primarily due to the fact that Mansoura was under Portuguese occupation for a long time. The Portuguese ruled Mansoura for nearly two-and-a-half centuries, after capturing it in the early years of the sixteenth century. This is why many historians refer to Mansoura as ‘Cite Portugaise’ or the Portugal of North Africa. El Jadida is also referred to as the Medina of North Africa, referring to the Portuguese, Medina. The Portuguese often referred to Mansoura as ‘Mazagan’. The Portuguese influences are best reflected in the underground cisterns. These cisterns represent a characteristic European construction, complete with pillared vaults and church-like roofs.

Just like many Moroccan cities, Mansoura is inhabited by a large number of European expats. However, it is the overall styling and architecture of El Jadida that gives it a typical, European orientation.
The stoned streets and seaside villages are reminiscent of the small, European towns of 19th century. However, the heritage of Mansoura goes beyond its Portuguese rulers. It was also ruled by French rulers for some time. As a result, many French-styled gardens can be found in Mansoura. The most famous among these are the gardens in the village of Talkha. This is a small village within Mansoura. It is easily accessible via a short boat-ride from the main harbor. Other gardens with a distinct, French aura include the main, public gardens of Mansoura, called the Gezirat gardens.

Located a few miles south of the popular city of Casablanca, Mansoura gained prominence as a touring destination much later than other Moroccan cities. This was mainly because of its more conservative state rulers. However, Mansoura has always been an important city since it is located around an important, international trading route. Commercially, the most important part of Mansoura is its harbor. As a result, the neighboring beach town has turned into a vibrant center.

Mansoura is now regarded as one of the more accommodating, international touring destinations. This is mainly because of its reputation of playing the perfect host to international visitors. Since many of the beaches are dedicated to trading activities, the few beaches that offer solitude have become very popular. This includes the Phare Ouafi beach. This beach is also popular among the natives. Thus, during the summer months, visitors can find many Moroccan families camping near the beach. The beach-strip becomes a tourist hub every year for about six months. This is when numerous bars and food-stalls are set-up along the roads leading to the beach. Another popular beach-spot is the Plage Sidi Bouzid that is fast emerging as a worthy alternative to the Phare Ouafi beach, though it is much smaller.
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