Getting Around in Luxor

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Luxor transportation is a relatively simple affair. You'll find any mode of getting around in Luxor. Transportation includes everything from donkeys to taxis to boats. Here's a brief look at what you can expect, as well as a few tips for Luxor transportation.


There are no metered taxis in Luxor, so be sure to arrange a fee with the driver before getting into one of Luxor's many blue and white taxis. Ask at your hotel for a list of taxi fares to common destinations, a service many hotels provide.


Most locals get around the city via minibus, so these are often extremely overcrowded. When one stops, find out if the driver (or often a helpful passenger) speaks English and then head off for around one Egyptian pound per person.


Horse-drawn carriages abound in Luxor. These transportation gimmicks are largely for tourists, but you'll find that the price (around 10 Egyptian Pounds for a trip to Karnak) isn't too steep for the novelty.


Hire a donkey for a guided tour of Luxor's many must-see sights. Surprisingly comfortable (more so than the camel that you get in other parts of Egypt), the donkey makes for a great way to see the sights and get some great pictures.


If you prefer a more modern method of getting around that doesn't involve something with four legs, why not hire a bike from any of the plethora of bike shops in the city. These are best for short tours of the city itself rather than for longer excursions, although it is possible to get to many of the tourist destinations by bike. Just be careful on the road!


When you want to get from the east to the west bank of the Nile, hop onto the public ferry for just one Egyptian pound per person. It gets incredibly crowded during peak hours, but is more manageable during off-hours. And it's definitely cheaper than the tourist ferry.

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