Top 5 Must Do's in Hurghada

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Hurghada is an action-packed tourist destination with its diving and snorkeling activities, cast-away islands, desert safaris and traditional old bazaars. Here are the Top 5 Must Do’s when in this eclectic Egyptian hotspot.

1 - Diving in the Red Sea

Tourists can book a diving and snorkeling trip with any of the several clubs around the city. The professional diving centers organize everything from pick-up, equipments and instructors to food and other exciting add-on activities. Some of the best diving centers in the region are Emperor Divers, Dive Point Red Sea and Aquanaut Blue Heaven Diving Center. Visitors can spot some of the richest coral reefs, tropical fish and other marine ecology in the Red Sea.

2 - Desert Safaris

Quad Bike, camel back and jeep desert rides on the vast Sahara Desert are very popular tourist activities from Hurghada. The biking trails cut through several mystical sandy terrains of the region and the camel rides take visitors along the remote Biblical plains and ancient ruins of Egypt. Tourists can encounter several local tribes during their trip and view fascinating previews of their daily lifestyle.

3 - Giftun Island

The spectacular Gifton Island is a cluster of several beautiful islands and coral gardens featuring silvery, white-sand and abundant ocean ecology. Visitors can swim, enjoy coral spotting sessions or sunbathe on the relaxing warm sands of the island.

4 - Old Bazaara at El Dahar

El Dahar is the old, historical quarter of Hurghada and a great destination to explore the exotic traditions and lifestyle patterns of the local communities. Visitors can get great bargains on products like carpets, jewelry, regional species, traditional footwear and dry fruits at the bazaara. Make sure to bargain with merchants since they quote a price that is at least 75 percent more than the original price.

5 - Enjoy the Karkaday

The Karkaday is a traditionally brewed beverage that consists of hibiscus and a few other herbs that are famous for their medicinal properties. The drink comes with a sheesha or smoke pipe used for smoking tobacco in an array of flavors. The act brings alive the often fabled and chronicled charm of the exotic Middle East.

Hurghada is an enjoyable tourist destination that features several activities and attractions in the form of its historical neighborhoods, diving centers, coral islands, traditional markets and desert safaris.

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