Museums in Hurghada

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Hurghada is certainly not known for its art galleries and museums, since tourists flock here primarily for the sea and underwater sports activities rather than cultural sightseeing. However there is a tiny, albeit fascinating, Marine Biology Museum, the National Museum and an unusual café cum art gallery. Here is a guide to the museum scene in Hurghada

Marine Biology Musuem

The Marine Biology Museum, located in the northern region of the town, is a nice place for non-divers who don’t want to miss the underwater action and rich oceanic ecology of the region. This is a walk-through, underwater path, where visitors can discover a stunning array of coral reefs, tropical fish, sea turtles, sharks and other Red Sea aquatic species. The museum is open daily from 8 8 p.m.

Hurghada National Museum

The Hurghada National Museum is located on the Red Sea Coast and exhibits several rare and exclusive antiques of the Eastern desert region. It is housed at the edge of the sea and includes the site of many submerged monuments. The sprawling 22, 0000 square feet structure houses four giant exhibition halls, performance arenas and art studios. This is the-one stop-shop for Egyptian history spanning across several eras from the Pharonic period to the most recent Islamic age.

Café del Mar

This a newly opened and fairly contemporary art gallery cum café, located at El Dahar. Visitors can enjoy a nice coffee or fine local wine while viewing a collection of paintings by local artists. The gallery is open daily, 24 hours a day.

Hurghada, though not exactly known for its museums, features a few decent ones like the Marine Museum, National Museum and a modern art gallery housing the works of regional artists.

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