Getting Around in Hurghada

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Hughada’s local transport is a mix of taxis and local minivans called jalla jallas. A lot of visitors also hire bikes to move around the town and on the adjoining desert. Here is a guide to moving around in Hughada.


Local taxis in Hurghada are notorious for fleecing tourists and trying every trick in the book to extract money from them. Visitors should make sure to fix the price in advance as drivers are known to quote preposterous rates, especially for tourists from the west. Find a driver who is well-versed in English and it will make your haggling a little more easy. There are only a few streets in Hurghada that actually have names--the rest are identified by their proximity to prominent landmarks. It is best to get off at the nearest destination or landmark. Hotels, for example are the best places to stop the taxi and walk it up to your destination. While fixing the price, visitors must ensure that they agree on a total price and not a per head rate as suggested by some overly-smart drivers. The correct fare would be approximately 5 to 10 LE if travelling within the same area of the town and 20 LE when moving to another region within the town. Avoid going by the regular meter because there are tons of extra charges on it for tourists.

Public Transport

Hurghada has no real public transport to speak of, and the only thing that’s visible in the name of public transport is the jals jall's--Toyota minivans which have no fixed routes or timings and can be stopped wherever required with a mere wave of the hand. Not a lot of tourists use them, but they are a cheap mode of travel, charging a mere 1LE to reach anywhere within the town.

Hurghada has limited public transport options and tourists seeking a relatively stress-free sightseeing experience, would do well to hire a car or a bike from a reputed car rental agency situated around the airport or town center.

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