Festivals in Hurghada

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Hurghada festivals are well known and come alive in the area with many religious and events commemorating the history of the region. Festivals in Hurghada are well-known and attended throughout the year. These feature many celebrations of saints in  local areas as well as historic people.

Coptic Christmas & Islamic New Year
Coptic Christmas is held during the first week in January. The Christmas that Egyptians celebrate features Mass and fasting. The Islamic New Year, known as being Al Hijra, also celebrates the event of when Mohammed traveled from Mecca to Medina.

Hurghada International Festival

This celebration is held during the first week of February and is a 12-day event. There are 3 disciplines of sport that take place during the festival. The triathlon competition is the first to take place. Following the triathlon is the 46-mile Mare Monti run. Running in the race has the competitors off the road and into the sea and mountains. The Hurghada Half Marathon follows on the final day where there is a large number of participants. There is also a Hurghada International Fishing Festival that brings in competitors from all over the globe. Each person competes for the best catch during this festival.

Egypt Yoga Festival

In March, this festival features workshops as well as demonstrations. Many experts of yoga come to this festival to demonstrate yoga practices. Visitors can learn how yoga benefits the mind and body.

Shem al Nessim

The first day of spring is celebrated with this festival in Hurghada and across other regions. The Monday following Coptic Easter is when this “sniffing of the breeze” is held. Many celebrate with outdoor picnics as well as activities.

Yacht Racing and Water Skiing Festival

This popular festival is held in October within Hurghada. Many yacht owners and water skiers come to take part in the fun and festivities. The local racing of yachts is fun to watch or take part in if you own one.

Other Hurghada Festivals

The date of Ramadan varies according to the calendar but features fasting for a month. Muslims refrain from eating, starting at dawn and ending at dusk. This increases their self-discipline and devotion to their Lord.

Revolution Day in July is a holiday commemorating the Revolution in 1952. This was when the Egyptian monarchy was overthrown and replaced by the Republic.

Victory Day is celebrated in December and involves tribute to the coalition with Arab nations (including Egypt) following the Yom Kippur War in 1973 with Israel.  


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