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With the introduction of e-ticketing by EgyptAir in January of '07, air travel within Egypt is now more accessible and AFFORDABLE than ever before.  With a little know-how, persistence and a bit of luck, you can often find flights for less than the price of a sleeper train ticket ($65), especially if you book far enough in advance.

Planes are clean and comfortable and a beverage is served.

No passports are needed, just your printed e-ticket.

Go to and put 'Egypt' as your home country to get the best rates.  Be sure to check a few dates and times as prices vary, sometimes quite dramatically.

There are huge advantages to flying, especially if you're on a time crunch.

Some popular routes

Cairo - Luxor - 1hr

Cairo - Aswan - 90mins

Cairo - Hurghada - 1hr

Cairo - Sharm El Sheikh - 1hr

Luxor - Sharm El Sheikh - 50mins (yes, there are direct flights but they don't go everyday. check the schedule)

Taking the train can be fun, but sometimes you just need to 'get there'.

Happy flying!

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