Top 5 Must Do's in Dahab

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Formerly a small fishing village, Dahab now attracts tourists from all over, thanks to attempts by the Egyptian government to put a trendy new spin on the city. Here are some of the Dahab Must Do’s for this tourist-friendly resort town.

1. Dive

Given its proximity to the sea, it is no wonder that water activities are popular here among visitors. But diving definitely tops the list as the number one must-do activity in Dahab. With its beautiful waters and countless dive spots, Dahab has a booming diving industry in the making. Beginners and experienced divers alike will enjoy Bells, a dive hole that is particularly crowded throughout the year, especially during the peak season. Those looking for a thrill can try the Blue Hole, rated as one of the most dangerous dive spots in the world. Many divers have died here, so expert training and guides are needed in order to even begin diving here.

2. Windsurf

Another popular activity, particularly during the summer months, is windsurfing. With its excellent geographical location, Dahab enjoys mild summers and warm winters, so windsurfing can be done throughout the year. Windsurfing boards are readily available, and beginners are always welcome to head to one of the many agencies to ask for a lesson in how to do the sport.

3. Try a shishah pipe

Apart from the sea, Dahab is a resort town that has many restaurants and cafés around. The best places to go out after a day on the beach are located more inland, where the prices are generally lower. Look for establishments serving seafood – the seaside location guarantees the freshness of the food. Bedouin themed cafés are a good bet if you want to experience a little mystical atmosphere. Sample coffee and Egyptian apple tea on carpets and pillows while trying a traditional Egyptian water pipe with tobacco.

4. Go on a desert safari

What would a Bedouin town be without the desert and a camel? Embark on an expedition of your very own by hiring a guide and heading out into the desert, where travelers used to travel in and out of the town. There are many tour agencies offering such services, but the best are those organized by the Bedouin themselves. These can be very expensive, and can go up to two weeks, but the experience of sitting before an open fire in the desert at night is one that should not be missed.

5. Do nothing

The resort atmosphere of the town simply spells out to visitors to sit back and relax. Granted, Dahab has many activities and many places of interest to visit, but the atmosphere here is far more laid back than larger cities such as Cairo. So just unwind and relax by the beach with a cocktail, soak up the sun and sand, and have a proper vacation for yourself.



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