Things to do in Dahab

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Go on a Camel Diving Safari!

Go on a Camel Diving Safari!

Said, Desert Divers

Here are a few things you can do in Dahab:

Dahab - the ultmate chill out zone: Few places in the world can rival Dahab as a total chill out zone. Take a seat in one of the beach-side cafes for breakfast, and you'll find yourself still sitting there when lunch rolls around. People here are very laid back - the cafe owners happy to have you spend the day on their sunbeds just sipping on a juice or 2. You're less than 2m from the sea, so if it gets too hot, just slip out of the cafe into the sea, and you're all set for the afternoon!

If you run out of reading material, visit Aladin Bookshop! Or...spend time in Aladin Internet Cafe, catching up with the latest news and happenings via the internet. If all this makes you thirsty, it's a short walk to the nearest beach bar where you can grab a cold Stella beer for 8 or 9LE.

Dahab - the world class adventure destination: For most people, it's the combination of the laid-back way of life with world-class adventure activities that keeps them coming back to Dahab time and time again. Scuba diving, freediving, rock climbing, deep desert safaris & yoga - plus the famous Camel Diving Safaris. Here's a bit about each:

Scuba diving:  Dahab is one of the most versatile diving locations in the world. World-class dives, from beginner to technical depths, plus gentle conditions and excellent visibility.  The diving here is mainly from shore. This makes for some tricky entry & exits, but any good local guide will know where to go in which conditions. Our most famous sites are the Canyon and Blue Hole, plus little gems like the Islands and Eel Garden . The local favourites are Abu Helal and the Hutts – beautiful and dived much less often than the other sites. Almost all of our dive sites can be dived at Open Water or Advanced Open Water level. The most famous dives, however, are beyond 18m. If you're an Open Water diver, and planning to do 3+ days diving anyway, this is a great place to do your Advanced qualification.

Camel Diving Safaris: These are incredible adventures, and the highlight of many trips to the Sinai. Tanks, equipment (& you!) all piled onto the camels to access remote sites north and south of Dahab. Don't settle for less than 2 days - you have to sleep under the stars and wake with the sun for an early morning dive to truly experience this amazing combination of diving, desert & Bedouin life!

Freediving: What is this, you ask? Basically, diving without a scuba unit, on a single breath of air! You can also think of it as 'Deep Snorkeling'. Four years ago in Dahab, there were 2-3 freedivers. Today, we see about 500 per year! And it's not just the extreme deep divers. Many people are taking up freediving as a recreational sport. You can do a Try Freediving day, or a full Beginner course for 3 days. If you're an experienced freediver, you'll always find a buddy/spotter in Dahab. There are instructors here setting world records of 90m+, but also happy to train and shallower depths.

Rock Climbing: This is the big new adventure in the Sinai. Sports climbing in Wadi Gnai near Dahab, tradclimbing in St Catherine and world-class bouldering everywhere you go. In addition to Try Climbs & guided climbing (trad & sport), you can do a surprising range of courses. There's even help for climbers who are experienced, fully equipped & just need a little advice for a self-guided trip. Bedouin guide always mandatory - anywhere in the South Sinai desert. 

Deep Desert Safaris: everyone has heard of Mt Sinai & St Catherine - very beautiful and definitely worth a visit but don't expect a quiet place. Bus loads of tourists arrive regularly, so if it's a real piece of the Bedouin life you want - you'll need to get off the beaten track. If you have time (5+ days), here are my top 4 places for amazing desert safaris:
* El Guna Plateau & Canyons of El Hashem
* Rummlah (Serabit El Khadem) - my home
* Jebel El Tih or deep into St Catherine mountains - the only places for deep desert safaris in the summer months
* Jebel Sirbel - especially for the climbers. Even just driving through Wadi Ferran is a nice experience.

Yoga & Yoga Safaris: Dahab & the Sinai are made for yoga! There is a fresh energy here which makes you glad to be alive. Rooftop classes, or you can combine with a snorkeling or deep desert safari. Stick to the beach in summer (May-Sept). If you're coming Oct-April, try to combine yoga with a deep desert safari. An incredibly uplifting experience!

So, just a small taste of the things you can do in Dahab. These are the big things. It's probably some combination of these plus all the small things that will make it a special place for you - catching the breeze at Eel Garden, the rise of the full moon over the Saudi mountains on the other side, sunset swims in the Laguna, copious amounts of the sweet Bedouin tea. The longer you stay, the harder it is to leave :-)


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