Sights in Dahab

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The Egyptian city of Dahab is a truly eclectic place to visit. Not only are Dahab sights unbelievably beautiful, they also have such a unique style and culture, a sort of mix between Bedouin and hippie. The actual name, Dahab, means "gold" in Arabic which makes plenty of sense considering the gorgeous golden sands that make up the landscape of the city. With warm, turquoise water and swaying palm trees, Dahab is a sort of Egyptian paradise filled with interesting sights to see.

Coral Reefs

Along the coast of the Red Sea are many reefs teeming with colorful fish and other interesting sea creatures. For this reason, the entire coast is a huge draw for tourists who want to go snorkeling. You can go with a tour group, where you will be provided with all of the necessary snorkeling equipment and instruction, or, if you have been snorkeling before you can just rent your own equipment and head to the beach. While at the beach, you can also check out the windsurfing. There are usually plenty of people, both amateurs and experts, windsurfing along the coast.


There is a typical type of Bedouin-style restaurant that is very popular in Dahab. This type of restaurant is truly a sight to see as it features low tables right next to the sea surrounded by comfortable cushions to sit on. All of the furniture features vibrant, colorful cloths.  In front of the tables are stalls of fish from which you can pick and choose your meal and specify exactly how you want it to be cooked. While visiting Dahab, ýou should definitely go have a meal at one of these unique restaurants. It is a peaceful and relaxing experience.

The Blue Hole 

Possibly the most famous sight in Dahab, the blue hole is basically a huge hole in the Red Sea. It can be seen from the air as a dark blue circle in the sea. This spot is a hugely popular dive site, but also a very dangerous dive site. The danger comes not from the hole itself, but from the lure of "the arch," a tunnel in the side of the blue hole that connects it to the open sea. Many divers, even expert divers, go to the site and cannot resist the temptation to find the tunnel and pass through it. For this reason, many people have died there. Overall, it is an interesting place to visit and to go diving, but do not attempt the arch!

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