Shopping in Dahab

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While visiting Dahab, shopping is going to be an important part of your vacation. Many people enjoy the shopping experience that Dahab provides because it allows them to get an insight into the culture of Dahab, especially going to places that feature local artists. Another reason that shopping is so important on vacations is because it allows you to bring back a small part of your vacation which serves as a reminder of the good times that you had on your trip.

Main Street

Main Street, which in Dahab is called Asalah, offers you the chance to experience the culture of Dahab. All along the street you will find various shops. You can even venture down some of the side streets that are right off the main street to find shops. Inside these shops you will find retailers selling handicrafts that are locally made, but you can also find shops that sell new diving gear. One thing you want to keep in mind when shopping in Dahab is the “How much do you want to pay?” game because prices are always negotiable.

Bookstore Internet

This quaint bookstore is located on the seafront, and it can be found in between Nirvana and Buddha Restaurant. Inside the bookstore you will find over 3,000 used books that you can buy or rent. Even though the bookstore is located in Dahab, the books inside this bookstore are from all different countries, which means there is something for everybody.

Assala Market

This is a huge market area in the area of Assala. Inside the market you will find two nice little coffee shops, but you will also find a large variety of stores. The best part about most of these stores is how cheap their prices are. This is the perfect place to come if you are looking for fresh food, whether it is meat or veggies. You can also find spices and household items in the market.

Ghazala Market

This market is one of the more popular markets because it is located inside--so it is air-conditioned, which is a nice change after being outside in the sweltering heat. You can find this market across the street from the police station, and it will be hard to miss because it is the biggest market in the city of Dahab. Inside the market you can find just about anything that you need from herbs and spices to tableware and tool kits.

Paint Shops

If you are looking to purchase some nice paintings that are done by local artists you will find numerous shops around town. Three of the best painters in the area are Mido, whose shop is located at Al Fanar Road; Ahmed, whose shop is located along the sea front near the “Seadancer” diving school and Khaled, whose shop is also located along the sea front opposite the Green Valley Restaurant.

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Bedaya shop for household

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For household and restaurant supply

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