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If you are looking for some Dahab Practical Information, you may want to read the following lines. It is always a good idea to get acquainted with a city, prior to visiting it. Maybe the next block of information will be useful to you.


Dahab is a really small town, located on the east coast of Sinai, and home to a resident population of over 15 000 people. However, this number is increased by travelers from all over the world, since Dahab is a very popular tourist destination. Most of the people are Egyptians, but a serious number of the residents belong to the Bedouin ethnic group. The Bedouins have an interesting culture and traditions.


The official spoken language in Egypt is the Modern Standard Arabic language. In addition, most of the people here speak a variation called Egyptian Arabic. The Bedouins, of course, use Bedouin Arabic dialects as well. However, since tourism is well-developed in the region, you won’t experience problems in using English, French or German – many people speak these languages and will understand you.


The local currency is Egyptian Pound. One Egyptian Pound is divided into 100 quish and 1 quish has 10 milliemes. $1 equals between 5 and 6 Egyptian Pounds. It is a good idea to exchange your money at the banks in the major cities. Exchanging is possible at the Dahab hotels too, but exchange rates are worse. It is also a good idea to have money in cash, as credit card payments aren’t widely accepted.


The main source of income in Dahab is tourism. Nearly a quarter of the resident population is involved with this business. The prices are reasonable for travelers (even cheap), although a bit expensive on local level. That’s why it is appropriate and very usual to tip the people that serve you. Bargaining is possible too, but be generous.


Transportation is easy around Dahab. Air transport is available in the nearby city of Sharm el Sheikh, with regular buses going from its airport to Dahab. Bus services are popular in general, with prices from $2 to $6 for trips to other cities. Taxi services are widely used too, with most of the taxis being jeeps and pickups. They are very cheap, as for a dollar or two you can go from one end of the city to the other.

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