Nightlife and Entertainment in Dahab

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Dahab Nightlife is a fun experience because of the crowds that gather in this city at the sea. This golden city is one of the best tourist spots of Egypt. People flock to the beaches in order to swim and surf during the day. But as soon as night falls Dahab has good bars for people to have fun.


Mojito offers a Latin flavor to the Dahab nightlife scene. People can sit and lounge or they can dance to the best of Latin rhythms. The dance floor offers enough space for those tourists who want to dance salsa and merengue. However, the fun does not just stop at the dance floor.

There are different kinds of music that are played during the week, but to make it more exciting, Mojito also offers a comedy night. The bar serves mojitos and capirinhas. Mojito's address is Geziret el Dahab, Egypt, 002069.

The Furry Cup

The Furry Cup is a pub-style club on the Sinai Peninsula. The bar has live music bands, pool parties and pub quizzes. Most of the drinks are imported from England and Germany. However the bar also serves local beer and liquor. Sodas, coffee and even cappuccinos are served at the Furry Cup.

The Furry Cup is located near the Light House Reef.

The Tree Bar

This bar is a place very hard to understand, especially with the way it treats the locals. Some people have the feeling that  treatment of the locals is a bit rude. It seems that when business is low locals are invited in, but as soon as things pick up the locals are out the door. Despite this, the bar offers a good opportunity for the crowd to play pool or to dance.

The bar is located on the Mashraba Sea Side of Dahab. 

Yalla Bar

The Yalla Bar is the perfect place for those people who want to sit and have a drink. The bar does not have a dance floor, but there are other activities like live quiz shows. There is local food served in the bar and the bar also serves hamburgers and fries.

The drinks at the bar do not cost a lot. Because of this, the bar is busy most of the week. Overall, the service is good for a very low price and this makes the Dahab nightlife more affordable.

The bar is located right near Dahab's light house.

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Rush Dahab

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The Hottest party place in Dahab. Now even throwing Full Moon Beach parties at Nuweiba once a month. When Rush is throwing a party, no place else in Dahab has any pulse.

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ClosingTime:4:00 AM
tel:002 06936 41867
accessibility:Couples or Single Females
address:Masbat, Dahab

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